Our Past is Our Experience

Maritime traditions go a long way back in our local history.  Ever since the days when the Vikingships traded, sailors have been recruited and ships have been built and managed in the area of Bergshav’s premises in Hasseldalen, just outside the town of Grimstad in the southern part of Norway.

The family’s involvement in shipping dates back to 1772 when the sailing ship “Fortuna” was built.  In modern times, Mr. J.M. Ugland, grandfather of the present Bergshav owner, established himself in 1930 as a shipowner through the acquisition of a steam tanker from Anglo Saxon Petroleum Co. By the purchase of this steam tanker, AS Uglands Rederi was founded.

Throughout the next 60 years, the company prospered considerably. By the end of the 1980’s, AS Uglands Rederi owned a sizeable fleet of car carriers, tankers, bulk carriers, specialised offshore loading vessels as well as a repair yard.

In 1989 Bergshav Management AS was formed through a demerger of AS Uglands Rederi. Along with the changes in international shipping, the fleet has varied considerably both in number and in tonnes deadweight and has ranged from small product tankers to VLCC size.

At present the fleet under management includes crude oil carriers, product/chemical tankers, LPG and offshore support vessels. Today’s Bergshav Management resides close to the site where the family has been conducting their shipping activities for generations.