Bergshav Management AS is an integrated shipping company focusing on vessel chartering and operation, technical management, project work and finance.

Long-term familiarity and devotion to shipping ensure stability and thereby maximize return to the owners of the vessels. An optimal utilisation of resources is secured by the highest level of human competence and expertise in all areas of operation.

As a ship management company, Bergshav Management has several clients and is always open to grow the business further.


Chartering & Operation  

The Customer is the focus for all our efforts in Bergshav Management.

Bergshav Management has in-depth experience in chartering and operation of various kinds of tonnage, from crude oil carriers, bulk carriers, product/chemical tankers, PCTC, LPG and offshore support vessels. Over the years, Bergshav Management has consistently built up a track record of efficient chartering and operation of the tonnage under management, with focus on safety, efficiency and high quality transport.

Over time, we have developed close relations with charterers and operators of ships. Vessels are employed partly in the spot market, partly in the long-term time charter market, all depending on type of vessel, market position and investors’ preferences.

In Bergshav Management, each superintendent has the responsibility for a group of 3-4 vessels, making sure that all internal resources are seamlessly coordinated for a safe and efficient operation of the vessel.

Furthermore, a certified quality assurance system enables close monitoring of each vessel’s performance, aimed at continuous improvement of the operations.


Technical Operation

Bergshav Management applies a preventive maintenance philosophy aiming at safe, efficient and economical conduct of operation and maintenance in conformity with laws, regulations and good maritime practice.

The management tasks are always carried out on behalf of and in cooperation with the ship-owning companies to the benefit of the owners and joint venture partners.

In order to be in line with shifting markets and new requirements from customers and authorities, Bergshav Management emphasises the continuous introduction of new technology on board the vessels in communication and information technology.

The safe management operation in Bergshav also includes:

  • Insurance cover with follow-up on damage, loss and claims
  • Purchasing from international network
  • Efficient reporting to owners, cooperating parties and authorities


Crew Management 

Bergshav Management engages personnel with long and varied experience, and a well-trained, highly qualified team of officers has been with our company for several years. Emphasis is put on stability, quality and training, and by focusing on these objectives efficient and secure operations are ensured.


The nationality of the crew on board depends on flag and trading pattern. For the vessels with offshore personnel supervised by Bergshav Management, the crew on board will be from India and Myanmar.


To ensure continuous improvement in the Company’s activities, training programmes for both shore-based and sea-going personnel have been established.  The training programmes come in addition to the mandatory training/external requirements, and are focused to further enhance personal development.


Through officers’ Conferences such training may include:

  • Emergency response training
  • Teamwork and motivation
  • Problem-solving
  • Quality awareness
  • Identification and safe execution of critical processes


The training programmes are carried out in order to motivate all personnel to promote the company’s safety culture. This is partly obtained through the daily contact between the shore-based and ship-board personnel and partly through regular training sessions.

Together with the manning agents, Bergshav Management initiates officers’ conferences on a bi-annual basis. These conferences are important to secure that all maritime officers are updated on important procedures and to secure continuous focus on all aspects of safety. The officers’ conferences are also used to promote teamwork, individual motivation and personal development.

In addition, and on a regular basis, officers spend time at the headquarters on their way to embarkation in order to get an update on the ship in general and on company Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies in particular.

With a highly qualified and well-trained crew Bergshav Management can meet new challenges and explore new opportunities.

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